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About Claudio

High quality at reasonable prices. This is the philosophy behind the well established Danish men’s brand Claudio, which has specialised in producing underwear and socks for men since 1948.

We believe that good socks and quality underwear are indispensable elements in any wardrobe. Whether we’re designing a pair of tights or a pair of socks, our demands are that they have to sit well and are comfortable enough to wear for a whole day. That’s why we use the knowledge and the know-how we’ve built up over 70 years on a daily basis.

In 2016, Claudio was acquired by JBS Textile Group. This has given us even more knowledge and know-how about socks and underwear, and this has strengthened and optimised our product range. Today Claudio is one of the menswear brands in the  JBS Group.



A funny story from the ’90s

Since 1948, the Claudio brand has been involved in many different projects and collaborations. If we turn back time to the 1990s, we can find one of the more amusing examples. This is where Claudio enjoyed great success with licensed products and well-known motifs. Basserne, Walt Disney, The Simpsons, Popeye, South Park, Superman and the more erotic images from Anni Lippert were some of the many motifs which were given a place on underwear and socks from Claudio. And the consumers loved it. In fact, the success was so great that in 1995, Claudio was named ”License of the year” in the Nordic countries.

Just like back then, Claudio is still focused today on developing and designing underwear and socks that precisely meet the consumers’ demands. Claudio gives you great quality products at reasonable prices – in colours and patterns that match the current fashion trends.